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The Gossip Girl Reboot’s First Trailer Is Here, XOXO

The Gossip Girl reboot released its first official trailer on June 9, and let’s just say we’re not sure if we’re ready for the darker, steamier update on the popular series. Goodbye, CW—hello, HBO Max.There’s just so much to be excited about: Approximately 45 seconds into the trailer, it’s clear the series—which was developed by…

The Gossip Girl reboot launched its first official trailer on June 9, and let us just say we’re not certain if we are ready for the darker, steamier upgrade about the popular series. Goodbye, CW–hello, HBO Max.

There’s so much to be excited about: Approximately 45 minutes into the trailer, it’s clear the series–that was developed by first GG founder Joshua Schwartz–is going to show critics of a reboot incorrect. Any grumblings about this being a inexpensive imitation of the first will probably be silenced after viewing, because the reboot appears so different from the first. Serena and Blair would be proud.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

One thing that is like the first is that Kristen Bell is returning to voice the notorious Gossip Girl narrator. On the other hand, the cast is much more diverse than the OG (not that it had been challenging –the very first iteration was mostly white). Plus, there are LGBTQ+ lead roles. We love to view it!

One fan tweeted,”Okay I was skeptical about the gossip girl remake..reboot. . .sequel (?) but omg the trailer looks so good??? And like super diverse!! Hype???”

Another added, “How am I supposed to go to work and sit through four meetings when the gossip girl reboot trailer is out and I haven’t dissected it frame by frame yet.” Which… same.

Instead of Gossip Girl being an anonymous blogger, the play now comes from an Instagram account. But that does not mean anybody from the first cast (such as GG himself) will not make a look in the Gossip Girl reboot.

“We’ve achieved to all o

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