Experimental Windows

An experimental Windows 11 build places a search box on your desktop

If you download the latest Windows 11 Insider build, you may get to try out Microsoft’s retro future: widgets on the desktop. Specifically, you’ll have a shot at Windows 11 planting a search box right on your desktop. Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25120 for the Dev Channel exposes what Microsoft has referred to as…

reusable Windows

Is your Windows key reusable? This is how you find

Pixabay You might know your version of Windows (i.e., Windows Home or Windows Pro), but do you know if it’s a retail, OEM, or volume license? That distinction affects your ability to move the key to a different computer. Retail keys are the most flexible type of license. You’re allowed to reuse such a key…

Smarter Windows

Windows 11 becomes smarter and tests AI-powered “suggested actions”

Email apps in particular have become smarter, so that references to a web page or an embedded phone number can be transformed into links. Now Windows 11 is getting into the game, but as part of a new experimental feature called “Suggested Actions.” Windows 11 Build 25115 for the Windows Insider Dev Channel, released this…

getting Windows

Windows 11 Gets a New Sound Recorder App

Windows 10 has a built-in Voice Recorder app, intended for creating simple recordings from a connected microphone. Microsoft is now overhauling the app for Windows 11, with a new name: Sound Recorder. The existing Voice Recorder app is about as bare-bones as you can get, with no option to change input devices (it’s hard-wired to…

Insider Windows

Windows 11 Insider Preview Adds a Key Xbox Function

The latest Windows Insider build is adding a Windows 11 Xbox controller bar. The new Windows 11 Insider build is available for Dev and Beta channel Insiders right now. Windows 11 gets an Xbox controller bar in the latest Insider build The Xbox game bar will still look like it always has when using the…

users Windows

Windows 11 users now have the ability to adjust Auto HDR per-game

In brief: One of Windows 11’s most attractive features is the ability to add HDR to over 1,000 DirectX 11 and DX12 games that don’t officially support it. Now, Microsoft gives users more control over Auto HDR and makes it easier to access. Microsoft recently announced an update to the Windows 11 Game Bar, which…

Windows Without

How to Sign In to Your Windows PC Without a Password

Photo: sdx15 (Shutterstock)Windows 11 makes a big deal about having an account password, and for good reason. If you’re on a shared computer, or if you’re using a laptop, it’s always best to protect your data with a password of some kind. If you’re using a desktop in your own bedroom, though, repeatedly typing in…

security Windows

How to Use Windows Security to Keep Your PC Protected

For many years, Windows users had to rely on a third-party security tool to keep viruses and malware at bay, but now Microsoft’s operating system comes with its own package, in the form of Windows Security.It’s designed to run quietly and efficiently in the background, and you might not have even noticed it’s there—but it’s…

boost Windows

How to Increase Bass in Windows 10 and 11

Igor Nikushin/Shutterstock.comDisappointed that the rafters aren’t shaking when you play your music? Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer an option to enhance your current bass levels. We’ll show you how to enable this option on your PC. The option to boost bass isn’t available on all PCs. If your machine has supported hardware and…

Struggles Windows

Windows 11 still struggles to convince users to upgrade, but it only has itself to blame

Home News Computing (Image credit: Microsoft) Despite all the hype behind Microsoft’s latest operating system, it seems to be struggling to get users to upgrade several months after its release.According to a survey by market analyst AdDuplex for April 2022, Windows 11 has had a growth of less than 0.4% month-over-month. This puts it at…