Combivino types

Free App Combivino Pairs Over 900 Types Of Wine and More than 70 Types Craft Beer with 2,000 Recipes

The first virtual sommelier is now available online for free – Combivino is the smart app that pairs 2,000 recipes to hundreds of wine labels and over 70 types of craft beers. Rome, Italy  (  Combivino, the international app that enables the pairing of wine and beer with food, is available in English and all…

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The 11 Best Sea Salt Sprays for All Types of Hair

Courtesy of Retailer When it comes to nailing that perfectly messy, post-swim beach hair, you don’t have to spend a day by the ocean. Enter sea salt sprays, aka surf or wave sprays, which include (of course) sea salt to give your a naturally textured and tamed look. Some are even packed with ingredients to…

Brain types

Certain types of brain research require thousands of participants in order to be reliable

Brain freeze — Researchers split up a big, reliable data set to find out where things go wrong. John Timmer – Mar 18, 2022 8:52 pm UTC One of the unfortunate realities of science is that small data sets often produce unreliable results, as any minor, random fluctuations can have a large impact. One solution…

Polyamorous types

9 Types of Polyamorous Relationships, Explained

Once considered a more “niche” or “alternative” lifestyle, polyamory is finally breaking into mainstream cultural conversations, from Washington Post advice columns to movies, TV shows, and celebrity representation. And that’s great news! It means more people are recognizing that some of us can love more than one person at once, and that the many types…


According to this Yale professor, there are three types of workers. It’s important to know which one you’re looking for before hiring

We’ve all heard the old saw that some people work to live and others live to work. But according to a framework developed first by Yale professor Amy Wrzesniewski and colleagues there are actually not two approaches to work and life. There are three. The three approaches to work First there are the work to live folks.…

Origin types

Cell types of origin of the cell-free transcriptome

AbstractCell-free RNA from liquid biopsies can be analyzed to determine disease tissue of origin. We extend this concept to identify cell types of origin using the Tabula Sapiens transcriptomic cell atlas as well as individual tissue transcriptomic cell atlases in combination with the Human Protein Atlas RNA consensus dataset. We define cell type signature scores,…

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Different types of COVID-19 vaccines: How they work

Different types of COVID-19 vaccines: How they workCurious about how mRNA vaccines and other types of COVID-19 vaccines can help you develop immunity to the COVID-19 virus? Understand how different technologies work with the immune system to provide protection.By Mayo Clinic Staff A coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine can prevent you from getting COVID-19 or…

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How to Hide Specific File Types From Windows 11’s Search Results

Want to hide your photos or videos from appearing in Windows 11’s search results? If so, configure your PC to exclude certain file types in its searches. We’ll show you how to do just that. RELATED: How to Hide Files and Folders on Every Operating System How to Hide Certain File Types in Search Results…

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Yelp’s new ad types aim to connect national advertisers to local users

Yelp is launching two new ad units that will appear on its iOS app homepage, the company announced Tuesday. Sponsored Collections can enable brands to promote local businesses that may be selling or serving their products and Seasonal Spotlight Ads are designed to drive in-store traffic for multi-location brands by highlighting seasonal deals, promotions and…


These are the types of customer data Robinhood says were exposed in a cyber attack

Stock brokerage app Robinhood said Nov. 8 it experienced a data breach affecting the personal information of millions of customers. All told, more than 7 million people had some kind of data exposed during the attack, which took place on Nov. 3, the company said in a blog post.The firm said the hacker “socially engineered…