QAnon thinks

QAnon Thinks Biden Helped China Create the Texas Energy Crisis

As if Texans didn’t have enough to deal with right now.

Chicago thinks

Chicago thinks Zocdoc will help resolve its own vaccine chaos

During the first week of February, a winter storm blew through Chicago, leaving piles of snow before subzero temperatures set in. Eve Bloomgarden, an endocrinologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, got a call from a worried patient who was scheduled to receive a covid-19 vaccine that week. She was preparing to brave the weather—and drive for…

Biden thinks

Fox News thinks Biden broke his own face mask Ruler, but they’re wrong

Biden’s inauguration was quickly followed by a series of executive orders signed by the new president. The executive orders covered everything from racial equity to the coronavirus pandemic. President Biden signed an executive order requiring face masks to be worn on federal property, then quickly attracted criticism for being seen without one during remarks he…

Still thinks

Still Thinks She Can Run For Office — Hollywood Life

Ivanka Trump Wants To Be President: Still Thinks She Can Run For Office – Hollywood Life ad The post Still Thinks She Can Run For Office – Hollywood Life appeared first on Up News Info.

Prince’s thinks

The IRS Thinks Prince’s Estate Is Worth About Twice What They Were Told

Meaning they want an additional $32.4 million in taxes, plus millions more as an “accuracy-related penalty.”

Rivera thinks

Ron Rivera says that he believes Washington will make some noise in the 2020 playoffs

Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team is one win (and a New York Giants’ loss) away from making it to the franchise’s first NFL postseason since 2015, and there is some palpable energy in the air throughout the Washington fanbase. Despite all of the drama and distracting storylines that have come out this past…