‘No Swears

The NSA Swears It Has ‘No Backdoors’ in Next-Gen Encryption

A group of human rights lawyers and investigators called on the Hague this week to bring what would be the first ever “cyber war crimes” charges. The group is urging the International Criminal Court to bring charges against the dangerous and destructive Russian hacking group known as Sandworm, which is run by Russia’s military intelligence…

Simmons Swears

J.K. Simmons Swears His New J. Jonah Jameson From Spider-Man: No Way Home Isn’t Based on Alex Jones

J.K. Simmons is trying not to go on his “old curmudgeon rant.” He’s reflecting on youth and expectation—how younger generations desire instant recognition, how it took Simmons a long time to land something like Marvel’s J. Jonah Jameson, how it was all worth it, anyway.“If you’re getting into [acting], because you want to be rich…