Infinite’s update

Halo Infinite’s next update (*) will bring back Halo Infinite’s secret ultrapowered gun

Halo Infinite’s glitched and overpowered “tank gun” will be added back to the game’s campaign in a forthcoming update, developer 343 Industries announced Friday. The tank gun is an extremely powerful weapon — essentially a portable version of a Scorpion tank’s cannon that has unlimited ammo — and it’s been popular with speedrunners and as…

Infinite’s Slayer

Halo Infinite’s New Slayer Mode A Great Reason To Return To The Game

Screenshot: 343 IndustriesMaybe you’ve maxed out the battle pass. Maybe you’re distracted by the embarrassment of riches in gaming right now. Whatever the reason, if you’ve bounced off Halo Infinite, there’s immediate grounds to return: the ongoing “Tactical Ops” event.Tactical Ops, which started last Tuesday and runs through next Tuesday, is the latest time-limited event…

Infinite’s Mid-Season

Halo Infinite’s Midseason Update Will Bring “Multiple Improvements” to the Campaign

Halo Infinite’s campaign will receive a number of fixes and improvements as part of the mid-season update expected to be released on February 24.While the update focuses mostly on the game’s multiplayer, developer 343 Industries said in a blog post that players will “see multiple improvements in the campaign experience”.Though it was otherwise quite vague,…

battle Infinite’s

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle Mode Still Broken Despite New Hotfix

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode has been a sore point for fans for more than a month now. The matchmaking queues have had major issues, with larger parties having a tough time joining games since early December. Those who do make it are frequently disconnected.Today’s Halo Infinite hotfix was supposed to fix issues regarding…

Infinite’s review

Review: Halo Infinite’s campaign finishes the fight—but arrives in tatters

Enlarge / Chief and “The Weapon” bond through adversity in Halo Infinite—and not just in the game’s plot or firefights.Xbox Game Studios / 343 IndustriesHalo Infinite is the best campaign-driven entry since 343 Industries took over the series in 2011. It is also the messiest Halo game yet. To be clear, I enjoyed my time…

battle Infinite’s

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Is Totally Fine, You Guys

Screenshot: 343 IndustriesThere’s a new Halo out, the first in more than half a decade, but all anyone can talk about is its contentious battle pass. The convo has now hit a point of cacophonous saturation, prompting a top creative on the game to openly acknowledge complaints about Halo Infinite’s progression, and state that addressing…

Infinite’s Samurai

How To Get Halo Infinite’s Sick Samurai Armor

Image: 343 IndustriesSee that kick-ass suit of armor at the top of the post? That’s a prize available for knocking out objectives in Halo Infinite’s first timed event, dubbed “Fracture: Tenrai,” which went live on Xbox and PC this afternoon and runs through November 30. For no other reason than “Ahhhh, look at it,” here’s…

Infinite’s it’s

What it’s like to play the Halo Infinite’s campaign | GB Decides 223

November 19, 2021 7:39 PM Join gaming leaders, alongside GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming, for their 2nd Annual GamesBeat & Facebook Gaming Summit | GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse 2 this upcoming January 25-27, 2022. Learn more about the event.  On this week’s GamesBeat Decides, editor Jeff Grubb has played Halo Infinite’s campaign. And so far, he…

Grappleshot Infinite’s

Halo Infinite’s Grappleshot helps make the familiar feel new

Halo Infinite is a familiar but different Halo I wasn’t ready to start sneaking around a Banished warship in my first few minutes in Halo Infinite’s campaign, but there I was facing down an army of Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, and Elites. The initial thrill of the classic Halo music and the familiarity of the enemies…

Free-to-Play Infinite’s

Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer goes live early on PC and Xbox

Microsoft It’s been twenty years to the day since Microsoft announced the Xbox, its first home gaming console. To celebrate, the company released a 30-minute presentation showing off the history of the platform, from the bulky original to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the new and still hard-to-find Xbox Series X and S. To…