Fortnite patch

Fortnite v20.40 patch notes: Live event, sideways weapon return, competitive no-build playlist & more

Patch Notes Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 just received its final update and here is everything to look forward to that caps off this season. Published 15 mins agoon May 17, 2022 The final patch for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is here, and it contains a lot of content to cap off the season!…

Fortnite iPhone

You can now play Fortnite on the iPhone again thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft It’s well-known that Apple kicked Fortnite off the App Store when the games’ creator, Epic Games, flouted App Store guidelines in offering in-game currency without making purchases through Apple’s own payment system, for which it takes a 30 percent cut. It’s part of the complicated legal drama surrounding Epic Games’ (and others’) push to…

Coachella's Fortnite

Fortnite Coachella’s Coming, But With None Of The Sunburn Or Drugs

Just people living in the virtual moment. Not an IRL cellphone in sight. Image: Epic GamesEpic Games, which is virtually only in competition with itself when it comes to wacky crossovers with franchises like Naruto, Silk Sonic, and whatever character Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is playing this year, announced a collaboration between Fortnite and the…

brings Fortnite

Fortnite brings back building

Building has returned. This morning, Fortnite has re-enabled queues for its signature building feature; it was temporarily removed as part of the game’s latest season, which launched on March 20th. However, while building is back, the combat-focused spirit lives on in the previously-introduced Zero Build mode. For now, the two versions of the game live…

Fortnite Players

Fortnite players donate $100 million to Ukraine

Epic Five years after introducing a trendy Battle Royale mode and becoming one of the most popular games on the planet, Fortnite continues to attract players with constant iteration and licensed crossovers. The game isn’t without its issues, both within the playspace and without. But one move by developer Epic was met with near-universal praise:…

Fortnite Where

Fortnite: Where to find homing Anvil Rocket Launcher in Season 2

Guides Fortnite Season 2 has added the Anvil Rocket Launcher that fires homing missiles that lock onto vehicles. Here’s how to find it! Published 22 hours agoon March 29, 2022 If tanks and the Battle Bus are causing too much trouble, then pick up the new Anvil Rocket Launcher to take them out. Fortnite has…

battle Fortnite

All Tier 100 Fortnite Battle Pass Skins ranked

Fortnite has been providing us with skins for over two years. Take a look at all Fortnite tier 100 skins as we rank them from worst to best. We’re 20 seasons into Fortnite at this point, and 19 Battle Passes deep. We’ve seen hundreds of skins come and go with varying degrees of originality. Some…

April Fortnite

April 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack revealed: Sayara sneaks in from the shadows

New Items Fortnite is teaming up with professional tennis player and gamer Naomi Osaka to bring a few new cosmetics and a tournament to the game. Published 4 weeks agoon February 28, 2022 Professional tennis player Naomi Osaka is making her way into Fortnite with a fresh set of cosmetic items. Naomi Osaka is a…

Fortnite Season

All Fortnite Season 2 Tank Locations

Guides Tanks are absolute powerhouses in Fortnite Season 2, and here is every single Armored Tank location and how to get one. Published 14 mins agoon March 25, 2022 Fortnite Season 2 features heavily armored tanks, and here is where you can find all eight of them. There is no sound in Fortnite Season 2…

Fortnite locations

Fortnite: All Omni Chip locations

As usual, the newest Fortnite season has kicked off with a collectible quest, requiring you to visit several locations to grab a set of items. This time around, you’ll need to collect chips as requested by Omni Blade. Collecting these chips will allow you to customize your Omni Sword’s blades, guards, colors, and even their sound…