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Netflix’s hit ‘Don’t Look Up’ is already a huge success. This is also a win-win for the climate.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that Don’t Look Up, the satirical film about our apathetic approach to dealing with global disasters, has become its second-biggest hit of all time. The film, co-created by director Adam McKay and journalist David Sirota, continues to dominate (or at least feature in) the cultural conversation a full month after its…

Netflix announced Wednesday that Don’t Look Up ,, a satirical movie about our inept approach to dealing with disasters worldwide, had become its second-biggest success.

The film was co-created and directed by Adam McKay with journalist David Sirota. It continues to dominate the cultural conversation one month after its release. This film is viewed as a victory by many activists, including climate scientists and, perhaps, the filmmakers of the film.

McKay told journalist Eric Holthaus he had “literally made Don’t Look Up for the climate community” and that he was sure to disappoint some people.

On Wednesday, an article in The New York Times described a saga in which the makers of the film came under some criticism for a climate action website they created to go along with the film. Anyone in the niche will recognize the points of contention: Too much emphasis on personal lifestyle choices such as diet and energy use, and not enough on government action or social transformation. Prominent climate activist Peter Kalmus announced on Twitter that he is

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