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How to Celebrate Pride Month With Your Queer Kid

Photo: ReaLiia (Shutterstock)You may already have started celebrating Pride month as a family, whether by talking to your kids about what it means to identify as LGBTQ, seeking out local events, or leaning in on the rainbow crafts and baked goods. But if your child identifies as LGBTQ, you may be wondering what else you can…

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Photo: ReaLiia (Shutterstock)

You might already have started celebrating Pride month as a household , if by talking to your children about what it means to identify as LGBTQ, seeking out local events, or leaning in about the rainbow crafts and baked products. However, if your kid identifies as LGBTQ, you might be wondering what else you can or ought to be doing to acknowledge the month.

Ask these how they want to observe

First, it’s important to acknowledge that while you’re able to find with the thoughts on the planet, and cover your house in rainbows, and make a list of all the local events you can attend together, your parties must ultimately reflect your child’s needs and feelings. Perhaps they want the whole family to pile in the car to head to the local Pride festival–or perhaps they would rather go with a buddy (or not observe at all). Tell them you want to admit the month and observe their identity, but also you wish to respect any boundaries or priorities they might have.

They may already have some ideas, or they might not want to do much at all. Follow their lead to this–but if they wish to celebrate or acknowledge the month and are not certain how, here are a few ideas you could indicate, or do all on your own.

Offer to sponsor a Pride party

You are–hopefully–willing (and happy) to attend any Pride events they want to go to, but if they would rather keep the celebration bigger and more private, you can offer to host your Pride party at home. Who they may want to invite or exactly what that party might seem like will differ based on whether they are out to family and friends–and how supportive those loved ones and friends have been.

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You can organize the celebration in whatever way makes the most sense for them, by a loud, vibrant bash to a little gathering of their nearest and most supportive nearest and dearest.

Have a household LGBTQ film night (or nights)

Chances are decent there are a ton of films out there that explore contemporary LGBTQ history that you’ve never noticed: Now is the time! As Ross Johnson recently wrote for Lifehacker:

There are as many avenues to researching queer history as there are individuals who have lived it, and many legends we have nearly forgotten about who, at a more just world, would be family names. History can offer inspiration, and can also enable us to avoid making the same damn mistakes again and again–errors such as denying that trans people of color were at the vanguard of homosexual liberation.

Pride is a time to celebrate, honour, and recall it all, whether you are trans, bi, ace, poly, pan, intersex, nonbinary, or anywhere else on the sex and sexual identity and expression variety… or simply proud to encourage your queer friends.

Johnson has compiled a record of 30 of the most essential queer movies ever produced, which you can see here. Have everyone in the family choose a movie (or 3 ), pop some popcorn, and start watching.

Consider how inclusive your home is

It’s great to talk with your child about how to comprehend the month, but Pride is something which should extend throughout the year, particularly within your house. Inclusivity, love, and service are all things they will need in July and August, too, and there may be ways you’re inadvertently not demonstrating them those items.

Be attentive to the way your language may need some updating to become more inclusive. You might want to Begin using more terms li

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