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Epic Games v. Apple trial reveals emails detailing Walmart’s Project Storm cloud Gambling service

In brief: The Epic Games v. Apple trial keeps revealing more than some companies might have wanted. In an exchange of confidential emails between Walmart and Epic, the multinational retailer pitched the Project Storm cloud gaming service intending to bring Fortnite into the yet unreleased platform. Moreover, the emails also describe how the service works…

In short: The Epic Games v. Apple trial keeps showing more than some businesses may have wanted. Within a market of confidential emails between Walmart and Epic, the multinational retailer pitched the Project Storm cloud gambling service planning to bring Fortnite to the unreleased platform. Moreover, the mails also describe how the service functions and also show a glimpse on the Home menu UI.

The first rumors surrounding Walmart’s cloud gambling service came out 2019, a few days later Google Stadia’s announcement. Since that time, Project Storm has not been noted that often, but an exhibit in the Epic Games v. Apple trial introduced its name back up.

The mails exchanged between Epic Games and Walmart included a presentation with a few details about the Project Storm platform. A slide titled”How we are building it” shows Walmart intended to encourage multiple 3rd party launchers within the cloud gaming platform, including Uplay, Origin, Steam,, Epic Games Store, and Bethesda Launcher.

Another slip of this presentation shows a glimpse of what the Home menu would look like. The UI would have a listing of’Recently Played’ games and yet another one for’My Games.’ Users could also select games by genre or use the search function.

In the emails, Walmart described its platform within an”open ecosystem,” allowing users to play locally after downloading a game or via streaming by the cloud.

“I played Walmart’s demo on an Android phone (with an Xbox controller) and the experience felt like playing on PS4 and superior to playing on Android or iOS,” composed Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein in an email from April 2019. This email also included a photograph of Rein along with other members of the Epic Games executive group and a sport clip which would be utilized to attach a control to the telephone. This clip would be available at Walmart for $2.

The beta period of Project Storm was slated for July 2019, but the service has never undergone such a stage. Reports assert Walmart had already secured a few partners, but the launch has been put on hold last year when the Covid-19 pandemic began. It’s still unclear if we will ever visit Project Storm reaching end customers.

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