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The world is now plagued by a pandemic that has altered lives drastically. Almost everyone’s daily lives have been disrupted by this horrendous event, which has superimposed itself on every aspect of life. The pandemic has affected the entertainment industry in particular as people in most countries are unable to leave their homes without compromising…

The world is now plagued by a pandemic that has altered lives drastically. Almost everyone’s daily lives have been disrupted by this horrendous event, which has superimposed itself on every aspect of life. The pandemic has affected the entertainment industry in particular as people in most countries are unable to leave their homes without compromising the safety of their lives. This has triggered a rapid rise in the number of online gamblers who have chosen online casinos as the new medium for their entertainment. This in turn has created an enormous demand for efficient online casinos which provide desirable services. The exemplary casino known as CryptoGames comes as a savior in this scenario as it has all the tools required to provide gamblers with classy entertainment and sublime services. This casino has it all – enticing games, an attractive UI, unique promotional events, lucrative referral rewards, and much more!

An association called MuchGaming B.V operates the casino. CryptoGames is a betting site under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. Through its hard work and its intense dedication to its gamblers, this casino has amassed a huge community of devoted players. The betting site wants to keep up the brilliant nature of its administrations and its obligation to its goliath player base and create an era of flawless services and ecstasy for the betting scene. Moreover, CryptoGames expects to improve the quality of the services offered and thus revolutionize the world of gambling. Below is a summary of the magnificent administrations and benefits gamblers can appreciate in CryptoGames:

Engross yourself in our world class Games

The essence of an online casino lies in its library of games. CryptoGames offers its players a library of enticing games that are highly successful in the gambling world. These games have contributed in CryptoGames attract legions of players to casino through their old school vibe.  Some of these games have dominated the gambling world even before online casinos became prominent. CryptoGames offers 8 of these extravagant games. Though the library contains only 8 of these games, small in number but able to guarantee maximum satisfaction. The limited number of games allows players to focus their entire concentration in the games which would have been impossible in the presence of hundreds and thousands of games. CryptoGames also provides instructional guides and informative tutorials that assist players with learning these games in the best way conceivable and players can therefore master the games at commendable speed.

The Games offered by CryptoGames are-

The game of Dice is a world-class game that has outcomes that range from 0.000 and 99.999. A set of rules must be strictly followed in order to win this game. Before the game starts, the user must place a fixed amount of bet and the player is to decide whether the dice roll will generate a higher or lower number than the chosen value when rolling. The player correctly guessing the result of the roll will be declared as the game-winner. The players of CryptoGames can enjoy this fabulous game without any issues whatsoever, courtesy of the various features of the platform. Gamblers of CryptoGames can also choose to play the game by using keyboard controls. There are useful functions such as “Auto Bet” that can be used to set a strategy and let the game run in autopilot mode. At the moment, a profit of 4 BTC can be earned through a single bet in Dice.

The game of Slot has to be played on five spinning reels that are allowed to rotate before it is stopped. Five symbols have to be matched and the winner can claim a payout when their chosen symbols from the paytable line up in the middle of the Slot. Players of the casino enjoy a reduced degree of complexity and earn a lucrative payout with the use of single-line horizontal matching. A single bet in this extravagant game can earn a huge profit of up to 4 BTC. This is a game of true luck.

The game of Roulette has huge acclaim in the world of gambling. Players of CryptoGames play the European edition of this famous game as opposed to the American one. This version of the game offers a similar payout table like its American counterpart, however, the house edge is almost halved as there is a single zero present on the 37-number wheel.  Players turn the wheel by pressing the “Spin” button after all wagers have been determined and the payout table is then used to pay gamblers accordingly. This game never fails to produce intense competition between devoted players.

The game of Blackjack has a massive amount of fans in the gambling community. The game if played against the dealer (house). Players have to get a hand with points nearer to 21 than the dealer. Players of CryptoGames are able to play the game without facing any issues because the casino offers an ideal table interface without distracting designs. There are also options of Surrender, Double Down and Split.  There are four decks which are split after each round, and if a player reaches the blackjack, the payout level is 6:5. Split hands are paid in similar fashion.

Lotto is a game that plays with fate and endurance. Here, you will win everything or will lose it all. This world famous game came from the ancient activity of lottery in which contenders bought the tickets which were subsequently used to pick the victor. Players can use the “Buy Ticket” tab in CryptoGames to purchase tickets. Under that tab, players can also check the quantity of tickets purchased by the player and the probability of winning. Other significant details can be seen on the user interface, for example the time remaining for the round and reward for various winning positions and the total number of tickets bought. CryptoGames holds two draws per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, where it crowns its winners. The coin collected through ticket revenue is then properly split between the three victors.

Plink is a fabulous game where a ball drops down from the highest point of a pyramid. Here, a player needs to pick an amount to bet and a payout is decided after which the ball is allowed to tumble to the lower part of the pyramid. The “Play” button is pressed to permit the ball to fall. This incredible game creates moments of pure ecstasy and ignites rivalries between committed players.

Video Poker
The game known as Video poker is a fun and engaging game that is extremely popular due to its extreme payout ratios. CryptoGames has three variants of this enticing game known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus poker. Users can toggle between the games by the options located at the top left corner of the interface. If a gambler manages to win via a royal flush, the user will be given a payout multiplier of 500 which will allow a user to earn a maximum of 4 BTC in one single bet depending on the wagered amount!  Here players can also use the “Smart Hold” feature, by which the user can permit the computer to decide which cards to hold. “Smart Hold” prioritizes cards based according to a table that can be found under the “How to play tab”. This means that players might be able to get and hold better cards than what the computer has chosen for them. “Smart Hold” feature also allows gamblers to utilize the “Auto Bet” feature.

Minesweeper is one of the oldest computer games in the world. This ancient game gained immense popularity even before the web was made. Gamblers from all corners of the world contribute a significant part of their time in this engaging game in CryptoGames and earn huge amounts of Cryptocurrency through it. The game uses a field containing boxes some of which cover mines. Players need to tap on as many boxes as they can before they collide into mines. CryptoGames recognizes bets that have a reward lesser than 4 BTC (highest win per bet), therefore if the current win yields a prize that beats the 4 BTC mark, the player will lose access to any additional fields.

Glance at our amazing referral reward programs and massive jackpots
CryptoGames offers a very lucrative referral reward program to its massive community of users. 15% of the house edge of the wagered sum is given to players for each referral they make. This referral commission will be given to the player without any conditions attached to it, which means the reward will not be affected at all by the outcome of the games played by the referred player. Any users that wish to promote the casino on a large scale can negotiate for a custom referral rate/commission.

Games offered by CryptoGames frequently have impressive jackpots. These jackpots have attracted a huge gathering of gamblers into the casino. These games are always getting analyzed by sharp gamblers who would do anything to claim these plentiful prizes! Currently, rounds of Dice and Roulette have gigantic jackpots and are getting scouted by players who are looking on to ensure their win! The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin is at a striking 3.69 BTC, and will turn into the prize of very lucky and talented player.

Final Words
People have turned towards online casino for entertainment in the midst of a horrific pandemic. It is up online casinos to ensure the services and games offered to clients are world class. CryptoGames excels in this regard as it provides a list of extravagant games and a myriad of impressive services that would thoroughly satisfy any ardent gambler. It also has been making constant improvements and impressive additions to its list of services in order to enrich the gambler’s experience on the site. Through its hard work and dedication to its fantastic community of users, CryptoGames will usher in an era of excellence and quality.

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