These worms

These worms produce milk, but only when they kick the bucket

In a world of myriad milks, from cow to oat, we now have worm milk. This is no dairy substitute for human consumption, but rather a substance that worm parents secrete to their offspring in an act of reproductive death, or sacrificing their life to nurture children. For years researchers have observed worms produce this…

virus worms

Virus worms its way out of trouble

The gut nematode worm Heligmosomoides polygyrus compromises cellular immunity to West Nile virus in mice.IMAGE: JANICE MURRAY AND MAIZELS LABORATORY/UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH The immune system regularly encounters an array of bacteria, viruses, and multicellular organisms such as fungi and helminths. It remains unclear how the disparate responses mounted by the immune system are coordinated and…