at-home Tried

I Tried Ro’s New At-Home Sperm Kit. Here’s What I Learned.

Like a lot of Americans, I have a very touchy relationship with doctors. Who should I go see? Will they refer me elsewhere into a long tangle of inconvenient appointments? And most importantly, will it be covered by my insurance, and how much will it cost? And for those of us who are sexually active,…

Olympian Tried

A Olympian Tried To See How Much Weight He Could Gain in 30 Days

Former professional runner and two-time Olympic medalist Nick Symmonds has transformed his body since his athletic career ended, packing on muscle and pivoting to powerlifting. In his most recent YouTube video, having fully subscribed to the powerlifter’s adage that “mass moves mass,” Symmonds sets himself the challenge of gaining as much weight as possible in…

I’ve Tried

I have tried over a dozen vegan butters. These Are the Best

I’ve been vegan since the dark ages—2009 to be exact. Way before the proliferation of Impossible Burgers, oat milk soft serve, and certainly before plant-based sashimi. It was hard out there for us. Kids these days get to eat all the stunty burgers and deep-fried lasagna.We’ve come a long way in the veganification of the…

Bunch Tried

I tried a bunch of CBD topicals to find the best solution for my aching feet

My feet are bad. Really bad. I blame my grandfather, whose feet were so flat that he wasn’t able to join the army in World War II, and was instead rerouted to the Merchant Marines, where he was stationed as a radio officer. While I didn’t inherit his desire to enlist, I did receive his…

Bodybuilder Tried

A Bodybuilder Tried Henry Cavill’s The Witcher Diet and Workout for a Day

YouTuber and bodybuilder Zac Perna frequently tries out the training and diet plans of super-fit actors and athletes on his channel, and in a new video he takes on the routine that Henry Cavill used to get into shape to play the hulking Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy Netflix series The Witcher. Perna starts…

'Laughter Tried

This Man tried ‘Laughter Yoga” for 30 days to see if it made him happier

Following on from previous health and wellness challenges which saw him giving up alcohol, adopting a biphasic sleep schedule and working out every single day, YouTuber Craig Benzine (a.k.a. WheezyWaiter) tries a different kind of experiment in his latest video: laughter yoga. This is the practice of voluntary laughter popularized by Dr Madan Kataria which…

rocks Tried

This Guy tried to eat 6 of The Rock’s 10,000-Calorie Cheat Meals in One Day

Dwayne Johnson is known for putting in the sweat to get the results he wants in the gym, and recently bulked up more than ever before in order to play a superhero in DC’s Black Adam. In addition to performing high-volume “giant sets” to build muscle, this was a process which also involved eating between…

Everything Tried

We Tried Everything From Briogeo–Here’s What Is Worth It

As clean and natural ingredients move to the forefront of beauty, it’s nothing new for Briogeo hair products. The brand name is a combination of two words: brio, meaning “full of life” in Italian, and geo, meaning “of the earth or nature” in Latin—a fitting moniker that reflects Briogeo’s delicious-smelling products that include ingredients like…

Pipedream Tried

I Tried the Pipedream Fantasy for Her, a Vibrator Shaped Like a Human Tongue

When I first learned about the new Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure 24k Gold Seasonal Luxury Edition, I was honestly a little bit confused. In addition to a vibrating wand and tongue-like attachment, the contraption boasts an “oval cone” that “fits perfectly to cup your labia, clitoris, and most sensitive lady parts”—which, like, what?…

Adele Tried

This Adele fan tried (and failed) to see three separate concerts, Finneas invites her to his show instead

It’s tough being an Adele fan — at least for one TikTok user. Eleni Sabracos took to TikTok on Thursday (Jan. 20), just hours after Adele announced she is postponing her Las Vegas residency, to hilariously reveal that this isn’t the first time she tried to see the “Hello” singer to no avail. “I bought…