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Moon Headed to Steam

by William D’Angelo , posted 2 days ago / 732 ViewsDeveloper Onion Games announced Moon will launch for PC via Steam. No release date was given. Here is an overview of the game: In 1997, the now legendary anti-RPG moon launched in Japan. Now, under the watchful eye of its original creators, it’s finally in English! Have you…

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Valve’s Steam Deck could double as a portable Xbox

Editor’s take: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been a champion of the video game industry for years now, publicly rejecting the notion of a console war and willing to give credit to “competitors” when it is due. His latest message suggests that Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck could double as a portable Xbox, and there’s little reason…

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Valve says Steam Deck should meet Windows 11 requirements

Highly anticipated: Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld should support Windows, but Windows 11’s requirement of the TPM 2.0 security feature threw a lot of people for a loop. Valve recently said it’s working with AMD to make sure it meets that requirement. Valve told PC Gamer that it’s making sure Steam Deck meets the requirements…

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Did you know that before developing Steam, Valve approached many companies to help them build it?

Choose your answer and the correct choice will be revealed. Correct Answer: Sony Keep reading… After having problems keeping online games such as Counter-Strike up to date with new patches, Valve sought to create a platform that would distribute game updates and improve anti-piracy and anti-cheat measures. Selling games on the platform wasn’t considered initially…

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Why does the Steam Deck run Linux? Blame Windows

Gabe Newell in 2012: “We’re trying to make sure that Linux thrives.” Valve Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors Valve’s “Steam Deck” handheld PC has caused quite a stir among PC gaming geeks, but the biggest shakeup might not be its Nintendo Switch-like form…

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How to Install Steam Skins on Windows 10

With the use of skins, you can customize the UI and style of the Steam client to whatever you would prefer on Windows 10. Here’s how to do it, step by step. First, Download Your Favorite Steam Skin To use a Steam skin, you’ll have to find one on the internet. To search for the…

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Steam Client Beta includes revamped downloads page, storage management feature

In brief: It seems that Valve is bringing some interesting UI updates to the Steam client for Windows, Mac, and Linux, including a revamped downloads page and an updated library with storage management features. The changes are currently available in the Steam Client Beta program, which you can join by clicking on “Steam” in the…

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Valve Explains How The Failure of Steam Machines Helped Build The Steam Deck

When the Steam Deck was first announced, some were understandably skeptical. While Valve has had recent hardware success in the VR space, the last time it attempted to make a full PC product didn’t go so well. But Valve tells us the Steam Deck is a culmination of its work on many of its past…

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Steam Deck’s expected order availability is starting to get a bit vague

In brief: As the volume of Steam Deck pre-orders increase, Valve has started to give off some signs of uncertainty regarding the availability of its portable console. Initially, Valve was giving a three-month waiting period after reserving the console, but since then, the order availability has changed to a rather vague “After Q2 2022.” Anyone…

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Steam Deck could finally make gyro aiming a thing of the masses

Though Valve’s Steam Deck is emblazoned with every control you’ve ever seen (buttons, d-pads, joysticks, trackpads, back-buttons, and touchscreen) there’s one you can’t see: gyro. The John Cena of controls allows the Deck to move your viewpoint in game by physically moving the machine around. Valve showed off how it works a little, and it…