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Do You Need a Portable Power Station?

Cory GuntherIf you enjoy the great outdoors, camping, work on construction sites, or want to be prepared during a power outage, you should consider buying a portable power station. These lunch-box-sized power banks are highly useful, and here we’ll go over a few pros, cons, and why you’ll want one. What is a Portable Power…

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Noobs Should Embrace This New PlayStation ‘Gamer Dictionary’

Photo: Roman Kosolapov (Shutterstock)I strongly believe console and PC gaming is for everyone, but let’s be honest: the jargony way people talk about video games can make it difficult to get into the hobby.Unless you’re enmeshed in the video game world, a sentence like “the latest patch nerfed HP scaling on end-game mobs but made…

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Do You Need a Portable Nintendo Switch Dock to Use?

Armando Oliveira/Shutterstock.comIf you travel with your Nintendo Switch you might appreciate the ability to play docked when you’re near a TV or monitor away from home. The official dock is a lot bigger than necessary to get the job done. That’s why you might want to consider a portable dock instead. The Best Portable Switch…

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Are the Warriors concerned after their blowout loss to Memphis?

The Golden State Warriors lost by 39 points to the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of their Western Conference Semifinals series, but still up 3-2 in this series, should the Warriors be concerned heading back home for Game 6? View the original article to see embedded media. In Game 3 of this Western Conference Semifinals…

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You Should See This Sci-Fi Masterpiece on Prime Video

Fair warning: I am about gush about The Expanse. But before I do, let’s run through a laundry list of things that are not good about The Expanse.The acting is frequently off, sometimes flat-out bizarre.The dialogue is regularly stilted and unnatural.Despite having to do a lot of heavy lifting, the CGI can feel creaky and low…

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Why You Should Do a Factory Reset on All Your Older Tech

Photo: Neirfy (Shutterstock)Think about the tech in your life. Your phone, full of messages and photos; your computer, a perfectly balanced chaos of work and entertainment; your game console, with half-played games maxing out the internal storage. Your tech is well-used, and that’s a good thing. Now, delete it. Nuke your hard drives. Reset all…

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What is a Faraday bag and should you use one?

Igor Shoshin/Shutterstock.comFaraday bags use the same principles as a Faraday cage to prevent wireless signals from leaving or reaching your devices. So what are the reasons to use one, and how is it different from turning the device off or using airplane mode? How Faraday Bags Work Faraday bags are essentially portable, flexible Faraday cages.…

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Is it okay to exercise when you are sick?

Home News Lifes-little-mysteries Here we see a man wearing a protective face mask whilst working out on rowing machine at the gym. (Image credit: Thomas Barwick via Getty Images) You’ve set a goal to hit the gym five days a week. But on day five, you wake up feeling under the weather. Should you work…

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James Corden Should Be Replaced on The Late Late Show by Whom?

After eight and a half years, James Corden will finally be getting out of the Carpool Karaoke game. On Thursday, The Late Late Show host announced that he will host the late-night series for just one more year, stepping away for good before summer 2023. “It’s been it’s a really hard decision to leave because I’m…

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Should all raw food have warning labels?

– OPiNION – I am writing this in response to Dan Flynn’s raw milk article which appeared in Food Safety News on April 28.  Mr. Flynn’s article reported on raw milk legislation currently being considered in Georgia, Missouri and Iowa. The article reports that Georgia’s proposed Raw Milk Dairy Act, not signed by Gov. Kemp,…