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They weren’t born yet when their dads died on 9/11. The loss shaped their lives.

National On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, here are four stories of children who entered the world after their fathers had already left. From left: Claudia Szurkowski, Luke Taylor, Robin Ornedo and Jack Esse. (Eve Edelheit, Stephen Speranza, Jessica Pons and Sarah Blesener for The Post) By Brittany Shammas and Michael S. Rosenwald, Washington Post…

Shaped Yellowcake

Yellowcake Shaped the West

In late August 2018, in the heat of one of the warmest and driest years on record in the Four Corners country, under a blanket of smoke emanating from wildfires burning all over the place, I piloted the Silver Bullet — my trusty 1989 Nissan Sentra — to the quiet burg of Monticello, Utah. I…

Shaped South’s

How race shaped the South’s punitive approach to justice

Mobile, Ala. Champ Napier is the exception.From his birth in Prichard, Alabama, the third-poorest city in America, he faced an uphill climb just to stay out of poverty and prison. Mr. Napier remembers the Ku Klux Klan burning crosses on his schoolyard, white residents yelling obscenities at his school bus. The site of the last…

Shaped transformation

How 2020 Shaped Transformation for Public Sector CIOs

5/18/202107:00 AMByron Carroll, Head of Product Management, ACTIVE Network Commentary50%50% The pandemic brought new emphasis on the need for agile and resilient IT infrastructures and operations. Here’s how the challenges of the past year can inform more effective strategies. Credit: natali_mis via Adobe Stock For the local public sector, the pandemic has been a digital…