Motorola review

Motorola One 5G Ace review: A good $400 mobile, an excellent $20 one

A solid 5G phone that costs less than your dinner — if you can get one fast enough.

review Spectre

HP Spectre x360 14 review: Luxurious, with Extended battery life

The luxurious HP Spectre x360 14 is back with some new bling—Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU. The results are as impressive as we’d hoped, with some of the fastest multi-core benchmark scores we’ve ever seen.The features spoil you as much as the speed. With its roomy display, powerful graphics, and exceptional battery life, the Spectre x360…

review world

Book Review: “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends”


Nvidia review

Nvidia RTX 3060 review: At $329, GPU beggars can’t be choosers—nor can miners

Solid, has RTX perks, but 3000 series’ perf streak ends with this non-“Ti” edition.

Biden review

Biden will review technician supply chains to decrease reliance on China

The US is still heavily dependent on other countries for technology manufacturing (among other products), and President Biden is looking for ways to reduce that dependence. The LA Times has learned that Biden is ordering a review of US supply chains…

review unparalleled

Roon 1.8 Evaluation: An unparalleled service for critical listening and Audio Mining

When I reviewed Roon at its launch, back in 2015, I called it “must-have software for hardcore music fans.” I stand by that characterization, although in retrospect, I shouldn’t have restricted its appeal to the hardcore. Anyone who derives deep enjoyment from music will reap tremendous benefits from this one-of-a-kind—albeit incredibly complex—software.That said, if you…

review Swift

Acer Swift 3X Inspection: This lightweight Notebook shows Intel’s Xe Max magic

The Acer Swift 3X builds upon an already-strong foundation by adding a dash of Intel’s special sauce.Our review of last year’s Intel-based Acer Swift 3 was torn. “How do you rate a laptop that you really enjoyed using, yet whose performance is otherwise disappointingly weak?” we mused at the beginning. The eminently portable Swift 3…

Chaos review

Review: Taxi Chaos

Ticket to ride?It’s been a minute since we last got a proper, honest-to-God taxi driving game. Putting aside a couple of questionable mobile spin-offs, Sega’s own Crazy Taxi series has remained dormant for more than a decade. Since then, of course, even the word ‘taxi’ has largely been relegated from the English language for the…

Jomise review

Jomise K7 dash cam review: Great performance and a puzzling phone dependency

Once I had the Jomise K7 Dash Cam up and running, I was impressed with the high quality of its video captures, and most especially its ease of use. I’ve never before described using a dash cam as fun, before, but I’m saying that about the K7.Alas, having to connect to a phone to initialize…

returns review

Overview: Gal*Gun Returns -Fest

Absolute pants.Inti Creates’ 2011 on-rails ecchi shooter Gal*Gun, a bishōjo game that has only ever seen the light of day in Japan, finally makes its way onto western consoles in this remastered edition that comes complete with dolled-up visuals, full voice-acting and all previously released DLC. But does it improve on the decidedly-average Gal*Gun 2?…