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Get 30% Discount on a Full Year of LastPass Premium Plan

StackCommerce Password managers have become necessary these days, particularly when you consider the sheer number of dangers that exist online. Which is why we recommend getting LastPass. And especially right now since you can get a one-year subscription for 30 percent less. LastPass is an easy, safe, and more affordable option when compared to other password…

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LastPass isn’t holding your passwords hostage

News @andrew_andrew__ Jan 14, 2022, 4:24 pm EST | 3 min read Maor_Winetrob/ShutterstockOver the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of “news” articles and Reddit posts claiming that LastPass intentionally prevents free users from exporting their password vault. And although the LastPass export process is a bit confusing, these claims are completely false. LastPass…

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LastPass claims that no passwords were compromised in the wake of the breach scare

LastPass says there’s no evidence of a data breach following users’ reports that they were notified of unauthorized login attempts, as reported by AppleInsider. The password manager maintains that it was never compromised, and users’ accounts haven’t been accessed by bad actors. Nikolett Bacso-Albaum, the senior director of LogMeIn Global PR initially told The Verge…

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Ask HN: What happened to my LastPass master password?

Hi,I’ve just had a bizarre thing happen and wanted to see if the HN community could come up with some theories as to what happened.LastPass blocked a login attempt from Brazil (it wasn’t me). According to an email I received from LastPass, this login was using the LastPass account’s master password. The email doesn’t look…

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LastPass vs. 1Password: Which password manager is best for you?

It wasn’t long ago that I raised an editorial toast to the reigning champion of password managers, LastPass, recommending it not only for its broad suite of premium features but — most crucially — for its refusal to let down its veteran fanbase of free users, even as it faced sweeping scrutiny over an ownership…