keeps syndrome

‘Cave Syndrome’ Keeps the Vaccinated in Social Isolation

After a year away from friends and co-workers, people sometimes struggle to resume their public routines Credit: Justin Paget Getty Images After being diagnosed with COVID in November 2020, Andrea King Collier doubted the antibodies that she had developed in response to the illness would protect her from a second infection and was determined to…

keeps shooting

Why the FCC Keeps Shooting Down Requests From Companies That Want To Shoot Down Drones

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Hanks keeps

Chet Hanks keeps calling for a white boy and he really needs to prevent | Arwa Mahdawi

First there was hot girl summer, then there was Christian girl autumn, now we’ve been cursed with white boy summer.If you found that sentence completely incomprehensible then allow me to congratulate you on being a member of the exclusive “brain not yet completely broken by the internet” club. Those of us not in that club…

Chart keeps

Lil Nas X Keeps U.K. Chart Crown With ‘Montero’

Lil Nas X enters a second week at No. 1 on the U.K. singles chart with “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” (Lil Nas X) while Demi Lovato misses out on the albums crown in an agonizingly close race.“Montero” collects another 62,000 chart sales in the past cycle, including 8.6 million streams, the OCC reports.…

interview keeps

An Interview with the Man Who Keeps Uploading My Feet to WikiFeet

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images Back in the fall, I received an unexpected text from a man I had just started seeing. “Are u on wikifeet?” Assuming he was joking, I laughed and said no. Then he sent me a link to my wikiFeet page. I had never actually heard of the website…

keeps Tablet-based

Tablet-based RPM keeps TRU Community Care patients and caregivers happy

TRU Community Care, based in Lafayette, Colorado, had a vision for incorporating a telehealth/remote patient monitoring program: to meet the needs of patients in the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services “Seriously Ill Population” (SIP) program. THE PROBLEM SIP provides incentives for TRU Community Care facilities to provide interim care for patients who have…

keeps Nintendo

Nintendo keeps feasting on TV ad impressions

Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Nintendo continues its domination of TV ad impressions, accounting for 65% of gaming industry impressions from February 16 through March 15 — though it’s worth noting that the most-seen gaming spot during this time period was PlayStation’s “Explorers,” promoting the…

keeps Train

How Pi Keeps Train Wheels on Track

Happy 3/14! Here’s how this mathematical constant keeps train cars from flying off their tracks during turns.

Instagram keeps

Instagram Lite retains all the vital attributes in a 2MB bundle

Instagram is about to become less of a burden for your phone and your data plan.  On Wednesday, Instagram Lite, a stripped-down, lightweight version of Instagram started rolling out in over 170 countries.  Announced back in December with a test run in India, Instagram Lite has been in the works for a year, created by…

keeps spectacular

Etna keeps up its spectacular explosions; ash rains on towns

A particularly spectacular blast from Italy’s Mount Etna volcano belched out a towering cloud of ash and lava stone Sunday onto Sicilian villages, the latest in a series of explosions since mid-February.