Fossilized plants

Fossilized plants give us hints about what ice age forests may have looked like

Several hundred million years ago, during the time when Earth had a single supercontinent called Pangaea, ancient plants endured a punishing ice age. A new analysis based on fossilized plants and climate models indicates that these frigid conditions would have limited tree cover across Pangaea. This in turn would have had profound implications for the…

Fossilized Prehistoric

Fossilized egg from prehistoric giant turtle reveals baby inside

ScienceNewsThe turtle that laid the egg may have had a shell as long as a person is tall, roaming the Earth alongside the dinosaurs.ByMaya Wei-HaasPublished August 17, 2021• 7 min readStanding in a farmer’s home in China’s Henan Province in the summer of 2018, paleontologists Fenglu Han and Haishui Jiang peered down into a box…