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Discover New Restaurants Around the Corner and Around the Country. can help you get in front of your competition.

Click on the map above to see how can get you in the door first ahead of your competitors( has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website. Phoenix, AZ – Artichoke Basille’s PizzaArtichoke Basille’s Pizza,…

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Around 300 Killed In Russian Airstrike On Mariupol Theater, Says Ukraine

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) — About 300 people died in a Russian airstrike last week on a theater being used as a bomb shelter in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol, the city’s government said Friday, citing eyewitnesses.When the theater was struck March 16, an enormous inscription reading “CHILDREN” was posted outside in Russian, intended to…

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David Tennant, “Around the World in 80 Days”, co-creator of the twist ending. Where to go next

“I can’t believe I mislaid an entire day!” Phileas Fogg, played by David Tennant, utters these words in disbelief but also in celebration over a snifter of brandy in the finale of “Around the World in 80 Days.”  It turns out that PBS’ adaptation of the classic Jules Verne novel – despite many updates to the…

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How to stay positive around people with a bad body image

Long before Megan Jayne Crabbe became a body positivity advocate, author, and social media sensation with over 1.3 million followers, she was a teenage girl with anorexia. But even after Crabbe recovered from the deadly disease often marked by restrictive eating, intense fear of weight gain, and distorted body image, she struggled with self-acceptance. When…

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Around one-in-three children globally suffer from lead poisoning

Estimates suggest that around every third child in the world suffers from lead poisoning. What can we do to reduce this?January 25, 2022Lead poisoning is estimated to account for about 1% of the global disease burden.1 This is a large burden for a problem that gets very little attention. On an individual level, being exposed to…

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Around 65% of tech recruiters believe there is bias in the hiring process

Tartila – Those responsible for recruiting developers worldwide have admitted that bias during the hiring process is an issue By Clare McDonald, Business Editor Published: 19 Jan 2022 17:00 A larger number of tech recruiters say there is bias involved in the recruitment of technical candidates, according to joint research by CodinGame and CoderPad.…

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How to put a border around text in Microsoft Word

When you need to highlight a portion of text, it’s not always convenient to use a text box. To emphasize a paragraph while keeping it within the main content, you can put a border around that text in Word instead. You can put a border around specific text, such as a single sentence, or an…

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This App Lets You Mess Around with the DualSense’s Triggers

A new app for iPhone and iPad lets DualSense controller owners customize and try out different feedback configurations for the controller’s trigger buttons.Included with every PS5, the DualSense introduces many novel features, such as adaptive triggers, which adjust the tension of the rear buttons, making it easier (or harder) to press them down while playing…

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How to Fill Holes Around the Pipes Under Your Kitchen Sink

Photo: Gorgev (Shutterstock)Home repair or improvement projects rarely involve tackling a single problem, and then being done. Instead, one often leads to another—either because in the process of fixing or installing something, you discover additional things that need to be addressed, or because the process required to make the original repair ended up creating the…

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Towns Around Massachusetts Paying Snowplow Drivers up to $310 an Hour Amid Labor Shortage

Towns around Massachusetts are offering up to $310 an hour for drivers with a commercial license amid a labor shortage. According to a “request for response from interested vendors 2021–2022” legal notice, Watertown is paying up to $200 for plow drivers with a commercial license, and the rates increase to $310 for those with specialized equipment, specifically a rubber-tired…