Apple Record-Breaking

Apple brought in a record-breaking $123.9 billion in revenue, despite supply constraints

It’s been a great quarter for Apple. The company just dropped its earnings report for Q1, 2022 (which for Apple ended December 25, 2021), and it broke revenue records across the board. It also reported a net income of $34.63 billion, with gross margins increasing to approximately 43.8 percent. Not only did quarterly revenue hit…

Apple Finally

Apple Finally Adds Universal Control for iPad and Mac (In Beta)

AppleIt’s been a long time coming, but Apple is finally releasing its delayed Universal Control feature. It’s in the beta version of Apple’s operating systems, but that means we’re just one step away from it coming to the release versions of iPadOS and macOS. With Universal Control, you can use your Mac’s keyboard and mouse with…

Apple update

Apple might let you use Face ID with a mask in the next iOS update

Apple appears to be testing a feature that will let you use Face ID to unlock the phone even when wearing a mask. The first developer beta for iOS 15.4 has a screen that asks if you want to be able to use Face ID while wearing a mask, at the cost of reduced security,…

Apple releases

Apple releases iOS 15.3 with many bug fixes and security improvements

IDG After about a month of development, Apple has released iOS 15.3 to the public. According to Apple’s support site, iOS 15.3 “includes bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone and is recommended for all users.” That sort of language is usually reserved for point releases (as in the iOS 15.2.1 update that landed…

Apple watchOS

WatchOS 8.4 has a solution for Apple Watch chargers

Apple has released the latest watchOS 8 update. Here’s how to get it on your Apple Watch and the new features you should look out for. The latest: watchOS 8.4 is now available On January 26, Apple released version 8.4 of watchOS. The update includes a fix in case your Apple Watch charger doesn’t work…

Apple Switch

How and Why to Switch to Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a feature-rich note-taking solution and if you use a Mac, iPhone, or iPad you can use it for free. Switching is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind especially if you use non-Apple devices like Windows PCs or an Android smartphone. Why Use Apple Notes? Aside from…

Apple Think

Is Apple TV+ a threat to Netflix, or is it? Rethink

He claims now not to remember this, but a former editor of Tech Advisor once told me that one of two things was sure to happen in the coming years: Either Google Plus would succeed, or Google as a whole would fail. We’ve all got things wrong (I speak from bitter experience) and my intention…

Apple Needs

Apple Must Fix Group Texting Abuse

If you’re participating in a group text in Messages with devices that use SMS (such as Android phones), you can’t leave the group chat, and that makes iPhone owners vulnerable to abuse and bullying. Apple should fix this immediately—here’s how. How Group Texting Abuse Happens Here’s the core problem: Using their phone, anyone can send…

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 13 owners complain about pink displays and crashes

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Apple Watch

Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now

Thinking about picking up a new Apple Watch to help you achieve your New Year’s fitness goals? It might be tempting to order one of the Series 7 models, but new hardware always comes at a premium. Apple’s latest wearable offers a slightly larger display and some improvements to durability but is largely the same…