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9 Amazing Airbnb Cooking Classes You Can Take Virtually

What do a couple of master home cooks from Montego Bay, an instructor at the Tokyo Sushi Academy, and the heir to a restaurant dynasty in New Delhi have in common? They all host virtual Airbnb cooking classes and can teach you how to create exciting new dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.As…

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Airbnb offers free housing for up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees

Airbnb has pledged to work with Ukraine’s neighbors to provide free temporary housing to up to 100,000 refugees who are fleeing the country after Russia invaded. Executives are sending letters to the leaders of several European nations — beginning with Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romania — to offer their support. More than 300,000 people have…

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Viral Video: Airbnb Guest Unable To Open Fridge, Work Stove Puzzles Guests in Viral Video

A “locked” refrigerator was one of multiple problems experienced by an Airbnb guest whose host recently shared text messages of a back-and-forth conversation following a recent stay.TikTok user Michelle B., who goes by the handle @theflowertruck, posted in late January about the guest in question. The video included overlay text that said, “I just need…

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Airbnb will hide guests’ names to fight discrimination (but only in Oregon)

Airbnb announced that it’s changing the way guest profiles are displayed in its app — for Oregon residents specifically. Airbnb hosts who are based in Oregon will now see a potential guest’s initials, rather than their full name, until after they’ve confirmed that guest’s booking request. The change will fully roll out by January 31st.…

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Airbnb improves accessibility search filters for its accommodations

Airbnb has updated its search filters and accessibility review process with the goal of making it easier for people with disabilities to find accommodations on its platform, the company announced in a blog post. Hosts can now submit pictures of the accessibility features in their homes, and “a specialized team of Airbnb agents” will review…

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Why Airbnb Isn’t Worth All Those Fees, According to Reddit

Photo: RightFramePhotoVideo (Shutterstock)Last summer, I booked a secluded, moody Airbnb in rural Washington and spent a relaxing few days in a land where everything looked and felt exactly like I was in a scene from Twilight. So when I needed a place to sleep in Portland, Maine last month, I turned to Airbnb in search…