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Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2022 Menswear

Brunello Cucinelli is a natural born optimist; he always sees the glass half full. Even the pandemic hasn’t curbed his positive disposition, and that’s evidently paying off. His company has weathered the last two years’ hardships well, recently posting net revenues up 30.9% compared to 2020. No wonder he was upbeat at a preview in…

Brunello Cucinelli is a natural born optimist; he always sees the glass half full. His positive outlook has not been affected by the pandemic, which is evidently paying off. His company has managed to weather the hardships of the past two years well and recently posted net revenues 30.9% higher than 2020.. It was no surprise that he was happy to see the preview at his Milanese showroom.

“This year was very special for us on many different levels,” he stated. He said that he was proud of the fact that he has not furloughed anyone and that he hasn’t stopped or canceled any investments. His cultural sustainability pledge which encourages humanism in all his company’s activities was culminated in December with the launch of a great project: Solomeo’s construction of a Universal Library. This was inspired by the Great Library of Alexandria, established by Ptolemy I Soter in 283 BC. Cucinelli is full of ambition.

Cucinelli is proud of his entrepreneurial accomplishments, but he also loves to talk about style. Cucinelli is an artist with a keen eye for detail. He treasures the creative pleasure of styling a collection. “We have perfected our gusto,” he said, meaning that the Cucinelli look is recognizable around the world. Recently, he stated that he would like his company to be known as ;Casa di Moda , because he believes it is worthy to be considered a fashion house. The consistency of its repertoire is actually there to prove it, carried out through well considered seasonal adjustments that update its easy-formality, with no diluting of its fundamentals.

This was apparent in the fall men’s collection, which looked cohesive yet versatile enough to appeal to young people. Cucinelli is familiar with this audience, as he has two daughters who are part of the company’s management. “The desire of dressing

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