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BitMEX lists new altcoin and DeFi derivatives contracts based on basket indices

BitMEX, the popular crypto derivatives trading platform, today announced the launch of the BitMEX ALTMEX Basket Index (.BALTMEX) and the BitMEX DEFIMEX Basket Index (.BDEFIMEX), which track the performance of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the altcoin and DeFi markets, respectively.

With this launch, BitMEX has also introduced the ALTMEXUSD and DEFIMEXUSD Quanto Perpetual Swaps – derivatives contracts invented by BitMEX to gain exposure to these two sets of coins.

Cryptocurrencies represented in each basket are as follows:

The BitMEX ALTMEX Basket Index (.BALTMEX):

Constituent Index Multiplier Market Cap Share
BNB 0.07078653 20.00%
ADA 14.89815288 20.00%
DOGE 65.55702677 15.01%
XRP 23.21700023 14.87%
DOT 0.48176854 7.10%
UNI 0.29550574 5.68%
BCH 0.00940295 4.61%
LTC 0.03359651 4.48%
SOL 0.13713494 4.36%
LINK 0.2198593 3.89%

The BitMEX DEFIMEX Basket Index (.BDEFIMEX):

Constituent Index Multiplier Market Cap Share
UNI 0.9859852 20.00%
LINK 1.07263338 20.00%
AAVE 0.04467642 12.13%
MKR 0.00340582 9.40%
LUNA 1.45538761 8.39%
COMP 0.01853168 8.11%
AVAX 0.59972503 7.26%
GRT 10.07942781 7.18%
YFI 0.00010012 4.14%
SUSHI 0.44255636 3.39%

Trading started at 04: 00 UTC on July 20th, 2021.

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