Especially Infections

Diseases —

New research shows an infection rate in MS patients that more than quadrupled the rate in a control-group cohort. Medscape Medical News

Amazon anti-union

Amazon is being an anti-union bully

Amazon is scared that a successful union drive in Alabama will prompt unions everywhere. We can hope.

Seuss talking

Rep. Tim Ryan to GOP: Stop talking about Dr. Seuss and help U.S. workers

Democrat Tim Ryan gave an fiery speech on the House floor Tuesday excoriating his Republican colleagues. Ryan accused the GOP of leaning into culture war politics and not cooperating with his party to help American workers.

Laurence Tribe

Laurence Tribe: Lawsuits will provide victims of Capitol invasion ‘a measure of justice’

Constitutional law Professor Laurence Tribe joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the civil lawsuit filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) against Donald Trump for the former president’s involvement in the Capitol invasion. Prof. Tribe says the lawsuit is “quite invulnerable to any legal challenge” and an “important way for accountability to take place.”

security social

‘Social security for kids:’ Chris Hayes on historic kid credit in Covid bill

“It will be essentially the closest thing we have to a universal cash benefit. Or, another way to think about this is as Social Security for kids,” says Chris Hayes on the monthly allowance parents can receive through the Covid relief bill. 

Biden Maddow

Maddow: Biden has a lot to boast about in new Covid relief bill

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the highlights of the wide-reaching Covid-19 relief bill that Democrats are poised to pass for President Joe Biden to sign and notes that Biden is not well served by modesty given the amount of good the legislation does for Americans. 

Allege Prosecutors

Prosecutors Allege Honduras President Helped Traffic Cocaine to US

Hernández has vehemently denied working with drug traffickers.

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo Will Just Brazen It Out

He has no sense of shame.


The Day Iron Ships Went to War

On this day, a Civil War battle forever changed the nature of the navy.

Question Senators

GOP Senators Question Biden Nominee on Defunding Police, Insults of Republicans

Vanita Gupta rejected Sen. Cruz’s implication that she supports defunding the police.