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15 Accessories to Supercharge Your PC Gaming Setup

Razer, HyperX, Microsoft, SteelSeriesThere are plenty of products that market themselves to the gaming crowd, but what if you want to go a little extra? From crazy lighting options to more accurate inputs, high-end gaming peripherals are convenient and look cool. So let’s look at some of the best accessories on the market and how…

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro, HyperX QuadCast S, Xbox Core Controller, and SteelSeries Arctis 7 against multi-colored backdrop.
Razer, HyperX, Microsoft, SteelSeries

There are loads of products which promote themselves to the gaming audience, but what should you would like to go a bit extra? From crazy lighting options to more accurate inputs, high-end gaming peripherals are suitable and appear trendy. So let us look at some of the best accessories available on the industry and how they can enhance your own setup.

A Feature-Packed Keyboard: Corsair K100

Corsair K100 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair’s K100 has a lot to offer, from its own brushed aluminum top plate to full RGB lighting. Each key’s action and light is controllable through Corsair iCUE, together with six extra”G-Keys” for further purposes –including Elgato Stream Deck actions, which is perfect if you’re a livestreamer. In addition to this, there is a complete package of dedicated press controls (such as a volume wheel) and the iCUE control dial, which can do everything from zooming in Photoshop to scroll through programs. Throw into a magnetic wrist rest plus a few high quality double-shot PBT keycaps, and the K100 offers all you will need for a great wired gaming keyboard.

You have two options when it comes to the buttons on your own K100: the Cherry MX Speed Silvers, which cut down on latency, or, even if you pay $30 more, the Corsair Optical-Mechanical switches, which are even faster.

A Feature-Packed Keyboard

Corsair K100

The K100 is a quality gaming keyboard featuring all the high-end features you desire.

$226. 92

Cut the Cord: Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Keyboard

When it comes to wireless keyboards, Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro packs a large punch. One of the largest issues for wireless gaming apparatus is latency, and if you are gaming, wireless latency can stop inputs from enrolling quickly, which can ruin a game. Fortunately, that the BlackWidow V3 includes Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless to decrease latency, making it much faster than a standard Bluetooth keyboard.

The rest of the computer keyboard is great also with its sleek, aluminum top plate, luxurious magnetic wrist rest, double-shot ABS keycaps, and 10-25 hours of battery life depending on the lighting settings (If the lighting is off, then it can go up to 192 hours) . Each key’s action and light can be individually customized with Razer Synapse 3, also there is a suite of press controls at the top right along with a volume dial.

It makes for a fantastic keyboard, and you can select whether you want Razer’s Green switches (that are clicky and tactile) or the Yellow switches (which are smooth and silent). There’s also the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini, which includes all the qualities of the normal version but in a compact form factor. Granted, this does require one to give up a slew of keys–including the Function row, NumPad, and committed media controls–but if you think a smaller keyboard is worth sacrificing all that for, then it’s another fantastic option.

Cut the Cord

$199. 99

A Light, Wireless Mouse: Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate mouse

A fantastic gaming mouse needs to be as easy to move as possible, and using a very low weight of 74 grams, Razer’s Viper Ultimate is only that. It’s wireless connectivity (through Razer HyperSpeed for low latency) and a responsive, 20,000 DPI sensor) But the great news doesn’t stop there. This mouse also uses Razer’s second-generation optical switches for greater precision, and all eight buttons are reprogrammable through Razer Synapse 3 (together with the mouse minimal RGB light ).

Throw from the 70-hour battery life, and the Viper Ultimate is easily one of the best wireless gaming mice on the market. It also comes in four different styles: black, white, pink, and one themed after Cyberpunk 2077.

A Light, Wireless Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate

A weight of 74 g and low-latency wireless create this among the best gaming mice in the marketplace.

$119. 03

A Light-Up Mousepad: Razer Goliathus

Razer Goliathus mousepad

Sure, you have a light-up mouse and keyboard, but not rest individuals on a mousepad using RGB too? The Goliathus is a high quality mousepad with an RGB trim. The light is controlled through Razer Synapse 3, so it could be synced together with almost any other Razer products that you possess. Designed for precision and relaxation, this mousepad will look cool and enhance your workplace setup in the exact same moment. Be aware, however, that you’ll need to plug it into your PC to power the light, so be sure you’ve got a slot to spare (or even a heartbeat ).

The Goliathus comes in 2 sizes: Standard and Wide. The”Standard” size is 13 inches and only matches a mouse, while the”Wide” is 36 inches and fits both the keyboard and mouse (and prices $10 longer ). Being able to match your keyboard on a mousepad is useful as it stops the keyboard from moving around and possibly damaging your desk. While the Standard only comes in black, the Wide is available in four styles: black, white, grey with a pink accent, and one themed around Gears of War 5.

A Light-Up Mousepad

$49. 99

A Quality Headset: SteelSeries Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset

If you’re playing competitive games online, chances are you want to speak with your teammates–and what’s better for that than the usual quality headset? Acting as both the headphones and microphone, the Arctis 7 provides quality sound (going in and out), wireless connectivity, and also a comfy construct. The battery lasts for 24 hours, and there is surround sound, which means you can tell which way sounds are coming out of in-game. The Arctis 7 is a great headset whether you’re in comms, watching videos, or listening for an enemy’s footsteps mid-match.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is currently offered in two colors: white and black.

A Quality Headset

$138. 37

A Headset Stand: Havit RGB Headphone Stand

Havit RGB Headphones Stand

It’s a fantastic feeling when all has its own place in your desk, and a headphone stand can help keep things looking lean. This one from Havit sports a clean design, with a dash of RGB lighting to match the rest of the gaming equipment on your desk. It plugs into your PC for power and even includes a couple of USB ports and a 3.5millimeter aux port in the event you need to plug your headset into the rack itself instead of routing the wires to the computer. Using the button on the side of the stand, you can switch the lighting from using a single shade or the rainbow manner you see in the image above.

The Havit RGB Headphone Stand is offered in two colours: white and black.

A Headset Stand

$28. 99

A Crazy Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor

This curved gaming monitor includes all you will need for gaming, along with an excellent display. With a 240 Hz refresh rate, compatibility with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, and also a 1ms response time, the Odyssey G7 guarantees your games look fantastic and respond fast. Apart from that, the QLED panel and 1440p resolution mean that the screen can handle anything you throw at it with elegance, gambling or otherwise. This display checks all of the boxes of a gaming monitor and comes in three sizes: 27 inches, 32 inches, along with an ultrawide, 34-inch version (even though the refresh speed is just 165Hz there).

A Crazy Monitor

$699. 99

An Ultrawide Alternative: Alienware AW3420DW

Alienware AW3420DW monitor

Do you know what’s awesome for gaming? An ultrawide screen. It’s more display real estate, and certain games make smart use of it, allowing you to expand your field of view. Sonot only does the Alienware AW3420DW have this going for it, however, it is also a beautiful, 34-inch, 1440p display. And when it comes to gambling, it brings exceptional performance, using a 120Hz refresh rate and support Nvidia G-Sync. Throw in a dash of RGB light on the trunk, and this monitor is great for any lover of ultrawide displays.

An Ultrawide Alternative

Alienware AW3420DW

For matches which encourage ultrawide resolutions, this is the screen you would like to use.

$879. 98

A Versatile Controller: Xbox Core Controller

Xbox Core Controller

Sometimes, it is ideal to stick with the classics, and when it comes to PC gaming, an Xbox controller really is the best thing to do. Not only are most games designed around it, but Xbox controllers are also built to work with Windows 10 from the box. And the most recent incarnation, the Xbox Core control , includes a comfortable design, the option to play either wired or wireless, and also the option to reprogram the buttons through the Xbox Accessories program. When playing in wireless mode, you’ll require two AA batteries to power the controller, which will last for about 40 hours.

The Core Controller comes in several styles, such as Carbon Black, Robot White, Electric Volt, Pulse Red, and Shock Blue. And should you want to enhance the control further, there are a couple of accessories worth checking out, like the official wireless adapter, which offers a more secure connection than straightforward Bluetooth. Additionally, there are numerous alternatives to get a rechargeable battery pack in case you don’t need to deal with AAs, either from Microsoft directly or third party companies like PowerA.

A Versatile Controller

$54. 99

A Bright Mic: HyperX QuadCast S

HyperX QuadCast S microphone

If you want to step up your audio game, the QuadCast S delivers useful features with some over-the-top design. It connects via USB, which, although not the highest-quality alternative, still provides solid sound at a sampling rate of 16-bit, 48 kHz. You could also switch between four different polar patterns (stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional) to change that direction it chooses up sound from.

This can be all wrapped up in some superb hardware too: There’s an integrated shock mount and pop filter to improve audio clarity, a mute button on the top of the mike, and a volume-control wheel positioned on the bottom. And of course, it is difficult to dismiss the bright RGB lights that fill the top area of the microphone, which can be adjustable through HyperX Ngenuity. In general, it is a great USB mic that packs in everything you’ll need for a gaming microphone.

If the QuadCast S is a bit out of your budget, then the standard QuadCast delivers the same features and quality minus RGB for $20 less.

A Bright Mic

HyperX QuadCast S

This quality USB microphone packs in smart features, strong audio, and RGB lighting in a slick package.

$159. 99

Fancy Lights: Phillips Hue Lightstrip

Phillips Hue Lightstrip beginner kit

RGB light strips are a frequent fixture of gambling setups at this time, and while they seem good, Phillips took things to another level with the Hue Lightstrip. Not only are the lights themselves nice and vibrant, but you also have a great deal of choices when it comes to controlling them. While more economical light strips usually arrive with a physical remote, the Hue Lightstrip may be controlled via the cellular program  and voice supporters like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You will need to sync it through your pc, but Phillips provides some handy instructions for this. This is also just the base kit, which usually means you get six feet of light, but that can be enlarged with one of the expansion kits. You’ll also need to pick up a Hue Bridge if you do not already have one.

If you want to go ahead (and have a rather large screen ), then the Phillips Play Gradient is another fantastic option. These are a few pricey lights, but they do some cool things to make up for it. If you stick these on the back of your screen, the lights will respond to the material on the display in real time, providing some excellent ambient backlighting. It’s a great impact which can be tuned and customized through the Hue software. However, you’ll need to pick up a Hue HDMI Sync Box and Hue Bridge in case you don’t already have these.

Finally, a nice bonus of Hue is that you can sync both of those products with any Razer equipment you own through Razer Synapse 3–such as this, your entire installation will light up in unison.

Fancy Lights

$79. 97

Blue Light Glasses: BLUE CUT Glasses

BLUE CUT Glasses

Blue light eyeglasses aren’t for everybody, but they can help if you experience a lot of eye strain when using your PC. These glasses from BLUE CUT filter out the blue light that’s emitted from the screen, which has helped many people minimize the quantity of strain their eyes experience. While there is no definite proof that blue lighting actively harms your own eyes, getting a pair of glasses such as these can’t hurt either. It’s at least worth trying out if you deal with eye pressure from your pc, and BLUE CUT’s glasses are reasonably priced, so they’re a fairly low-risk purchase.

These glasses are available in three colors (blue and black, black and red, and brown), Together with multiple levels of magnification ranging from 0.0x to 1.5x.

Blue Light Glasses

BLUE CUT Glasses

If you suffer from eye strain when using your personal computer for long stretches, these can help.

$24. 97

For Wrist Pain: Duerer Compression Gloves

Duerer Compression Gloves

Wrist pain is an unfortunate side effect of using your computer frequently for a lot of individuals. Whether it’s carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, or perhaps arthritis, it’s never a fantastic feeling. This is the area where compression gloves can be a lifesaver–these keep your hands in a more ergonomic position to avoid further damage whilst actively providing relief from wrist pain. And those gloves from Duerer utilize a soft, breathable material to make sure that they’re as comfy as possible, and come in four colours to match your taste (either black, gray, brown, or pink). Additionally, there are 3 sizes (small, medium, and large), so be sure to measure your wrist with a tape measure prior to purchasing.

For Wrist Pain

$8. 99

A Wireless Charger: Anker PowerWave II

Anker PowerWave II wireless charger

A wireless charger is a superb addition to any setup, which means you’ll certainly need to pick up one for your own desk. The PowerWave II from Anker is an easy charging pad that you plug in the wall, so no fuss about it. It supports 15W fast-charging for contemporary Pixel and LG mobiles, 10W charging for Samsung telephones, 7.5W for iPhones, and 5W charging for any other Qi-enabled devices (such as AirPods). Anker is well known for producing quality chargers, so it’s certainly the company you want to go with here.

A Wireless Charger

$29. 99

Some More Ports: Anker Four-Port USB Hub

Anker Four-Port USB Hub

A lot of what we mentioned now uses USB ports, but your computer may already be running from space as it is. This easy hub from Anker turns one USB-A interface into four while remaining small enough to fit behind your PC. It’s slick, practical, and extremely affordable, so it’s definitely worth picking up in the event that you do not have a hub already. Be mindful, however, this isn’t created for charging mobile apparatus. It is especially for plugging in wired devices like keyboards, mice, and flash drives.

Some More Ports

$14. 99

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